About Etchr CIC

We have a lot to share. How we came about, what our values are and what we hope to eventually achieve. Consider this a very brief intro and then find more in the blog & news

Founder; Chris J Baker

Mine is a story of extremes. I was either hooked on drugs and hopeless, homeless or in prison. On the flip side, I’d excel in my IT career… until I fell off the wagon again. I’m not proud of my past, but I’m now in a unique position to make those experience count for something. I wouldn’t wish my experiences on anyone, maybe I can spare someone else, and their family.

It was during a hopeless times that Graham & Juliette of Cirencester Signpost found me, gathered up my dog and I from the pavement outside Tesco’s for a hot meal and compassion. We were treated with dignity and left that evening with a glimer of hope for a different future. It didn’t happen over night, but…

That was many years ago, a lot has happened since then.

One day, whilst volunteering it occured to me, why don’t I use my skills and give comething back? Something that supports Cirencester Signpost & other local charities.
Something that’ll be good for our entire community.
Be an inspiration.

Meet Team Etchr

A strong, robust and solid team are putting down the foundations for Etchr, the Community Interest Company.

Every project we take on or start has a community angle. We are a start-up business, not-for-profit doesn’t mean we are not trying to make a profit. It means that profits we make, beyond business overheads, go back into the community via charities and our own outreach.

We are starting cottage industries and small businesses that align with our values. We are already supporting local charities with our time, skills and knowledge as part of our networking and foundation building. However, once we are bringing home the bacon, we plan to do a lot more. We have a plan!

What Is Etchr about, Values:​

  • Exploring Creativity
  • Practical Education
  • Open technologies
  • British Manufacturing
  • Building Communities
  • Buying Locally
  • Sustainability & Recycling
  • Get People Voting

What is the plan?

We make and design products from sustainable local materials, sourced and made in Britain. Everything is earth friendly. We also wanted to use whatever space we use for business by day, to be used as a ‘maker space‘ on evenings and weekend.
This is still the plan.

Just Add Water GB
Ciren Online
Cirencester Signpost
The Big Yellow Bus

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